Russian meme has reached the international level


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Appeared in Russia meme about men’s and women’s locker rooms before gym class became popular in the English language, the attention it drew Mashable. As reported by the online meme encyclopedia Know Your Meme, the first picture appeared in the beginning of April in “Vkontakte”.

In the meme with the humor demonstrated by the difference in atmosphere in the two locker rooms. Over time it became popular in the comic pages of the social network. Later on Twitter, including English.

The format also became famous on Reddit. In may, the user LukeChrome published the first known version of meme in English: the user used fan art from the Board game Warhammer: 40 000 as a metaphor, is concerned with what is happening in the men’s locker room before PE.

The meme spread not only formatted photos, but also as a video. Often the image of men’s room used footage from games or movies which were shown fighting two opponents or the battle. But gradually began to appear and other variations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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