Russian prisoners will be able to win money for torture


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The government of Russia in the Duma introduced a bill to give prisoners the right to monetary compensation in case of violation of international norms of detention and the prohibition of torture. About it reports “Kommersant”.

After the adoption of the bill, inmates in prisons can sue in the courts about the violation of the conditions of their detention.

It is noted that before taking a decision on compensation, the court will have to establish that “there has been a breach of custody or detention in a correctional facility”. From a prisoner, whose conditions were violated, will not require proof of a violation. Have to prove the detention facilities that the establishment of the conditions of detention are not violated.

“Torture is rare, but other conditions — medical, climatic, hygienic — violated time and again, and no one pays any attention”, — said the publication the member of the presidential Council on human rights and member of Bureau of party “the Apple” Andrey Babushkin.

The right of prisoners to appeal to the court is proposed to be codified in the Code of administrative judicial procedure, Criminal-Executive code and the law “On custody of suspects and accused of committing crimes.” States that the deputies likely to approve the bill, and the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) consider it “very important.”

The bill developed by Ministry of justice and submitted to the Duma in connection with the fact that the European court of human rights (ECHR) on 10 January 2012 acknowledged that in Russia there was a “structural problem of inadequate conditions of detention in places of deprivation of liberty.”

Earlier it was reported that in the Russian courtroom cage for the defendants will be replaced by transparent fences. This decision was taken after entering into the state Duma a bill to ban cell at the trials. The explanatory note States that the cage prevents the Russians in the realization of the right to qualified legal assistance. The Prosecutor’s office called abnormal practice of keeping defendants in cages or “aquariums”.

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