Skunk helped the woman to beat depression


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Paula Bavill page in Facebook

In Weekfield, England, the woman got a skunk as a pet to get rid of psychological problems. About it reports the British newspaper Daily Star.

Nurse Bevill Paula (Paula Bavil) was afraid, when he visited public places. The woman suffered from anxiety disorders and depression. However, with the pet nicknamed Pongo she managed to improve their emotional state. Now women can go out on the street with a skunk on a leash, focusing her attention on the animal.

“Pongo definitely changed my life for the better,” said Bevill.

According to the owner of a skunk, people often pay more attention to the pet than her. It helps her cope with the anxiety that she experiences in places of the big congestion of people. Do the Brits have another skunk, a five — year course.

In the UK, ESA — emotional support animals are not always allowed at events in public places. Bevill said that he and Pongo were able to visit the Industrial Museum in Bradford, where officers even took a selfie with her pet. Recently, however, the British refused entry to the event at science adventure centre, Magna in Rotherham.

“It wasn’t discrimination, it was a matter of food hygiene, health and safety,” — said representatives of Magna.

In 2017, it was reported that the skunk drew a mountain lion in flight, the incident was caught on video. The record shows as a skunk forcing the opponent to escape from it, and then starts to chase the lion, and drives far away into the bushes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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