Supporters Pashinian announced a new wave of revolution in Armenia



Citizens of Armenia, responding to the call of Prime Minister Nikola Pashinian, Monday morning, may 20, began to block the entrances to the courthouses. As the “Sputnik Armenia” in Yerevan people come to the protest despite the bad weather.

In Yerevan, a group of protesters outside the court of General jurisdiction headed by the head of Control service of Prime Minister David Sanasaryan, who on April 18 was charged with abuse of office. According to him, the protesters could begin to block the courts last spring, after the “velvet revolution”, but the leaders of the revolution decided to give the judiciary “a second chance”. “However, the system did not use it,” said Sanasaryan, adding that the country began a “new wave revolution”.

In some cases, the actions of the protesters, there are acts of vandalism. So, a former Deputy head of the Ministry of justice of Armenia Ruben Melikyan posted Facebook photos blocked the court building in Yerevan Ajapnyak district, where protesters smashed glass. He also notes that “the police do nothing”.

Before Pashinyan urged his supporters to start blocking the building of courts throughout the country. The action was to begin on 20 may at 08:30 local time. Many courts protesters began to gather early. At 12:00 local time (11:00 GMT) is expected to appeal in addition to the protesters, during which he intends to announce the “second most important stage of the revolution in Armenia”.

The reason for the protests was the release from custody of the former President of Armenia Robert Kocharian, whom the new authorities accused of overthrow of the constitutional order.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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