The billionaire has promised to give millions of dollars to repay student debt


www.vsyako.netRobert Smakaj: video “Morehouse College”

American billionaire Robert Smith gave a speech before graduates of the College and all of a sudden promised them to repay their student debt. It is reported by news portal CNN.

The businessman spoke to the male graduates of Morehouse College located in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday, may 19. He promised to open a Fund that will fully repay the debt of undergraduate students of historically African American College.

“On behalf of eight generations of my family who lived in this country, we’re going a little given way to fuel your bus,” said Smith. He added that he would like to have all graduates able to realize themselves.

The audience standing ovation greeted his statement.

It is unknown exactly how much money will go to pay debts of all 396 graduates. Presumably, Smith will have to pay tens of millions of dollars.

President of the College David Thomas (David Thomas) called a gift for a billionaire “liberating”. “When you have to pay the debt, your options are limited. This gift gives them the freedom to follow their dream and passion,” said Thomas.

Graduates admitted that at first they could not believe the words of a businessman. “We looked at each other as if to ask: “is He serious? That’s a lot of money!”” — admitted graduate Robert James (Robert James). His buddy Jonathan Epps (Epps, Jonathan) said he could not come in with joy and called the act of the billionaire “the most kind and generous I have ever seen.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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