The girl came up with the rules for the future the sweetheart of her boyfriend and disgraced him


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Twitter user Jacob Amir brown (Jacob Amira Brown) surprised mikroblogerov list of demands, which amounted to his ex-girlfriend. Girlfriend listed features, which should be his future companion.

The list began with a list of preferences of brown in foods, drinks and flowers. The guy likes Corona beer, ice cream, chocolate and fast food from chain restaurants Popeyes. In addition, brown usually include air-conditioning when asleep, so she advised to take him home for an extra blanket. The most fun guy brings a hike in the trampoline Park, where he feels like a child.

The author of the rules advised future companion of the brown did not resent if the partner wants to spend the whole evening at home in front of the TV, and try to integrate into his group of friends. According to the girl, the young man often loses things and doesn’t like to clean my room. “You’re always going to hear about it bad things, but never mind, it’s not worth a quarrel,” added she.

At the end of the list, the girl explained why she and brown broke up. “The most important thing is to always talk to him and about him, he doesn’t want to hear about some guy when you’re together. You need to learn to overcome large obstacles in your way, and I didn’t get it”, she said.

Such a detailed set of rules touched by some users, however, many felt that to meet with such a demanding guy, they would not. “He needs a girl like my mother, who’d cared for him, watched his stuff did not demand attention and was cleaned. It’s not an equal relationship,” concludes one of the users. Another wearer compared the list with the instructions that she leaves the nanny of their children.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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