The pilot told of the horror of a plane landing with failed equipment


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A former Qantas airline pilot that landed the plane with faulty machines, spoke about the horror that happened on Board. His version of events he shared with The Sidney Morning Herald.

The incident with the Airbus A330 occurred in 2008, but the aircraft commander Kevin Sullivan agreed to speak publicly about what happened just now. According to him, the ship refused several instruments, including navigation equipment, and the crew decided to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport in the city of Learmonth.

When the autopilot disconnected, Sullivan had no idea what to do, because I was not prepared for such situations. “The worst thing that can happen when you have a loss of control over what is happening. You can either let the situation slide, or to deal with the circumstances. I chose the latter, — the pilot told in an interview. — At some point I looked at my shirt and saw the shaking of my pocket. It turned out my heart was beating with such force”.

First, the liner began to decline sharply, but the pilots managed to lift it to desired height, and in 50 minutes they managed to land the plane by using the strategy of landing fighters, which Sullivan had learned previously. When the pilots emerged from the cockpit after landing at Learmonth airport, they were able to assess the scale of the incident.

“There was blood everywhere: on walls, on faces, on the clothes of passengers. Some parts of the interior were damaged like they were crushing the Hulk. Several passengers received serious head injuries. It seemed that they were cut with a knife,” explained Sullivan. In total, the incident affected more than 100 passengers and crew members.

After the incident Kevin Sullivan left Qantas, having worked there for more than 30 years. According to the pilot, the incident forever changed his life: he started posttraumatische stress disorder, and the faces of the injured children continue to haunt him to this day.

Despite the fact that the incident occurred 11 years ago, Sullivan and other members of the crew are still suing Airbus and Northrop Grumman Corporation.

The plane of airline Qantas faced difficulties during your flight Singapore — Perth on 7 October 2008. On Board were 303 passengers and 12 crew members. After equipment failure, the pilot made some sudden maneuvers, from-for what many travelers and employees of the company suffered: received fractures, spinal injuries and open wounds. According to the results of the investigation, equipment failure on Board the Airbus A330 has occurred because of software errors.

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