The rapprochement between Russia and China called a threat to the United States


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The development of relations between Russia and China could pose a serious threat to the interests of the United States and its allies. To such conclusion experts Andrea Kendall-Taylor and David Shulman. Their findings published the journal Foreign Affairs.

Active cooperation of Moscow and Beijing in the next 15-25 years, may lead to the weakening of the United States and the destruction of the lifestyle of the Americans, but Washington’s actions in this case are reduced to “watching and waiting”, the authors say.

The text says that, come together on the basis of joint opposition to the West, the two countries subsequently expanded the scope of its cooperation. Despite the fact that Russia poses to American state less of a threat in China “appreciate the ability to [Russian leader Vladimir] Putin to undermine the alliances the U.S. and to distract the Americans from the Chinese rise.” According to journalists, the Russian President accepted the role of “Junior partner” in relations with the head of China XI Jinping.

Experts believe that China and Russia are unlikely to create a formal Alliance and will not work closely in the military field. However, they write, “two bureaucratic regime speak a common language of authoritarianism” that will allow them to combine efforts from different sides. In particular, China can use its economic leverage to international political pressure, and Russia, in turn, to apply the “hybrid tactics, destroying the democratic process”.

It, however, is coordination of military action — in that case, if China starts to aggressively defend its territorial claims in the South China sea at the same time, Russia will increase pressure on Ukraine and Washington will be extremely difficult to react effectively in both directions.

The authors recommend the us government to strengthen its own foreign policy alliances with those countries that also “concerned about the attempts of authoritarian regimes to change the world order”. Allies in this call the European countries, namely Germany and France. Despite the fact that other experts believe the Russian-Chinese Alliance is unlikely, Kendall-Taylor, and Schulman insist that such a scenario cannot be ruled out.

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