The use of toilet paper became the subject of controversy in the network


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Wearer network Sue W has provoked the beginning of the dispute among users about how the consumption of toilet paper in a week is considered normal. The woman made a post on the Mumsnet forum, admitting that her family spends about nine rolls in seven days.

“At home I have three adults. Two men, one woman. During the week we’re out almost the entire pack of nine rolls. Honestly, I suspect someone is eating!!! What do you think? It’s too much?” asked by Sue W.

Many words of the wearer surprised. “We house two adults and two children. During the week we use a maximum of three rolls of paper. Would have spent less if the children were more economical,” wrote Marlovdav. One of the users jokingly advised me to change the author of the fasting diet.

However, there were also those who spend even more toilet paper than Sue W. “our house live seven people. Sometimes, go to the bathroom, there is still half of the roll. Will go again — there is nothing,” — said the mother of five children, Amy. “I buy 12 rolls that are consumed over the week. Two adults, three children”, — shared his experience of another wearer.

Some commentators have suggested that the consumption of paper depends on its quality. “At home, I use expensive paper, I use two sheets at a time. When I’m at the hotel and use cheap paper, I have to tear off four sheets,” wrote the lady who travels a lot.

In mid-may, netizens had an argument over whether to wash feet in the shower. Some admitted that they do not imagine their lives without this hygienic procedure, others believed that flowing from the upper part of the body enough water.

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