A plan to clean up the “Friendship” from the “dirty” Russian oil failed


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Viktor Drachev / TASS

Plans for the early resumption of oil supplies by Druzhba from Russia to Poland and Germany postponed after the script to remove contaminated materials from the pipeline failed to fulfill. This writes Reuters, citing sources.

The essence of the plan that were not previously disclosed, was that the French company Total had to bear the major share of dirty oil to your refinery Leuna in Germany and there to dilute it with clean oil, then recycle. However, last week at a refinery Leuna was a large-scale failure due to equipment failure, which led to the stopping of work. According to the Agency, failure may be associated with the processing of contaminated raw materials.

According to sources, the shutdown, which could last a week, disrupted the plans for the removal of dirty oil. “The plan collapsed. Someone needs to come up with a plan B. At the moment that plan B is not. It’s a dead end,” said the source.

Earlier, on 20 may, it was reported that oil traders are planning to supply China with 700 million tons of Russian oil contaminated, which declined from buyers in Europe. The interest in this raw material showed a small, independent Chinese refineries.

About the lower quality Russian oil to “Friendship” in April, said Belarus. Raw materials found increased content of chlororganics. This led to the fact that the transit of raw materials to Europe through the pipeline is temporarily stopped. It was found that the oil was contaminated at the site Samara — Unecha. In “Transneft” consider that this was done intentionally. In fact the incident a criminal case. Investigators believe contaminated oil poured in the oil to hide the theft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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