A resident of Nepal broke two world records on Everest for a week


www.vsyako.netKami, Ricatto: @kamiritasherpa

A resident of Nepal, Kami Rita set a new world record for number of ascents on Everest a week later, after broke the previous. About it reports the Indian TV channel NDTV.

May 21, 50-year-old Sherpa (descendants of Tibetans in Nepal near Everest) reached the summit in the 24 th time. His first ascent to the mountain he made in 1994 and since then has participated in expeditions almost every year.

15 may it was reported that Kami Rita climbed mount Everest 23rd time, thereby setting an absolute record for number of ascents on Everest. He noted that he did it for Nepal and the Sherpa people, whose achievements are often undervalued.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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