A teenage girl has lost twice and told me about a simple trick


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Thinner at 63 kilograms, the Australian spoke about the simple trick that helped her get back in shape. Her story publishes The Sun.

Josephine Degrand (Josephine Desgrand) from Queensland weighed 120 pounds. The girl was suffering from excess weight because of a sweet obsession. “I’ve always been chubby. My family and I loved the food, so in the boxes you can always find cookies or chocolate. But one day I looked in the mirror and realized that my body had tripled. I tried to lose weight, but I was distracted by the sweet tooth”, she confessed.

However, Desgrange came up with a simple way to overcome his habit: every time she wanted to eat another serving of sugar-containing food, she chewed the mint. In addition, she helped motivational posts and videos in social networks. According to Degrand, photos of “normal people” stimulated her to abandon harmful snacking.

Now Josephine is 19 years old and she manages to maintain a healthy shape for the past three years. Dropping extra weight, she became a fitness blogger: currently signed up 130 thousand people. “I can’t believe the girl in the photo is me. I live near the beach. Before I left the house only in dresses with long sleeves, despite the 30-degree heat. Now I feel comfortable in my body and I like to wear short dresses and crop tops with leggings”, — shared his happiness Degrand.

Earlier in may, British scientists and nutritionists told, what methods can achieve a flat stomach in four weeks. According to the expert Sonal Shah, first and foremost, you need to change the diet Breakfast: instead of carbohydrates should consume more protein and fat. In addition, to accelerate the achievement of the desired shape, one must burn more calories than it consumes.

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