Beglov revealed the main directions of development of St. Petersburg


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St. Petersburg should become a city comfortable for life the city, the improvement program this year, a record increased, said acting Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov on the air “Radio of Russia” on Tuesday, may 21.

“We must make social city — every citizen should feel the care and attention to their needs and needs,” he said.

According to him, the mass reconstruction is carried out in urban parks and gardens, for these purposes from the budget was allocated four billion rubles. He recalled that the draft of the new art Park on the Petrograd side of St. Petersburg welcomed the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

In addition, currently work is underway to strengthen about two thousand of roofs, he said. Beglov also initiated the modernisation of the transport infrastructure. According to him, to the end of the year will be put into operation three new subway stations.

Control of the Governor took and housing prices. “Revealed unreasonable costs, eliminates unnecessary intermediaries. This summer will be a revised issue of indexation of tariffs”, — he told on air.

63-year-old Beglov, head of the city in October last year, began to fight with the inaction of local officials. In January, he resented the amount of uncleared snow on the streets. To solve the problem he used the knowledge he obtained while working in senior positions in the field of construction and housing. So who is responsible for the improper quality of the cleaning, he requested to go outside with a shovel.

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