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The Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurtz can lose his post in a week. This was stated by Deputy Peter Pilz, reports Reuters.

According to the legislator, on Monday, may 27, the Prime Minister is waiting for a vote of no confidence in Parliament. Pilz said that he personally served in the lower house — the National Assembly — a petition for his conduct. “I’m sure it’ll work out, and I can do so on Tuesday, Kurtz was no longer Chancellor,” — said the politician.

Earlier, on 21 may it was reported that the far-right Austrian freedom party (fpö) took the decision to support a vote of no confidence in the Kurtz. According to its member and to the interior Minister of Austria Herbert Cycle, “who has a distrust, he gets distrust.” At the same time RIA Novosti reports that the representative of the Party of freedom later denied the reports of any final decision on this issue.

May 20, Kurtz offered to resign Cycle on the background of the scandal with the now former Vice-Chancellor and head of the fpö, Heinz-Christian strache. After that, the party threatened to withdraw all its members from the government.

Before that, Kurtz, who heads the Austrian people’s party, broke off the coalition with the freedom Party and offered to hold early elections to the Parliament “as soon as possible”.

A political scandal broke out in Austria may 18 — a week before the European Parliament elections. This happened after the publication of the German media videos with strache. The footage of the politician and his assistant Johann Gudenus meet with the alleged niece of the Russian oligarch in Ibiza. It was assumed that she had to help the Vice-Chancellor to win elections, for which he promised to give her part of the state orders in the construction industry.

After the incident strache has resigned. He also explained that he had met with a citizen of Latvia, and all events — planned action.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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