Disclosed the relationship between the cleanliness of the shelter and success in sex


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A clean house affects the intimacy of the atmosphere and may contribute to the sexual relations of residents. This publication reports The Versed with reference to conducted in the U.S. study.

60 percent of Americans say that the view of clean bedroom allows them to relax. Another 40 percent admit that they often have sex after harvesting conducted jointly with a partner.

50 percent of respondents noted that more likely to be ready to have sex after their partner finishes the household chores.

Another 40 percent of respondents cited dirty and cluttered house partner the reason for the gap.

“When it comes to Dating, Americans are not ready to pursue a relationship with someone whose household is poorly organized”, — quotes the edition of the quote from the explanation of the study.

In 2016 researchers at the business school at new York University, figured out how to use ad words associated with love and sex, affects the sales of real estate. According to them, the objects that are described as “sexy” and “seductive”, are more expensive than those that use the word “love” and its derivatives.

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