Hundreds of thousands of Russians turned out to be bankrupt


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Nearly two million Russians may file a claim for bankruptcy, but don’t do it. These data are presented in the study of the legal company “Stopdolg” and the National Bureau of credit histories (nbki), at the disposal “of the”.

These people have the debt exceeds 250 thousand rubles, and there is a significant delay, almost all of their funds go to pay for it. It is noted that this situation hinders the improvement of the economy and increases the overall debt burden.

As of 1 January 2018, the country has 1.7 million debtors, and by the beginning of 2019, the number had risen to 1.9 million, i.e. by 18 percent for the year.

Most potential bankrupts in Moscow — 101,1 thousand people. Followed by Moscow oblast (96,9 thousand people), Sverdlovsk oblast (74.8 thousand), Krasnodar Krai (72,3 thousand), Rostov oblast (65,4 thousand), Krasnoyarsk Krai (63,9 thousand).

As noted in the study, debts on loans overdue more than 90 days generally do not return. If the debt exceeds 250 thousand rubles, bankruptcy is beneficial to the debtor.

Despite this, citizens often resort to filing for bankruptcy. In 2018, the index “Stopdolg” in Russia was equal to 0.6 percent. Of the seven million debtors declared bankruptcy 43,6 thousand people. For comparison, in the US, the figure was 3.7 per cent, Germany 5.4 per cent in Canada, 8.6 per cent.

According to experts, people prevent bankruptcy low legal literacy (many do not know that there is a legal way of getting rid of debt) and the high cost of bankruptcy proceedings.

13 may it was reported that the banks, collectors and microfinance institutions were more likely to seek debt recovery in court. In 2018, was granted by 43 percent more lawsuits to recover than the previous year, and in 2017 — on 20,4% more than in 2016. most Often it is a small debt — to 50 thousand roubles.

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