In the West consider the military doctrine of Russia in the Arctic


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The West should not seriously worry about the future of the Russian military exercises “Center-2019” in the Arctic. This is stated in the article on Foriegn Policy.

This year large-scale exercises “Center-2019” will be held along the Northern sea route. The latest maneuvers in the framework of the “Center” was held in 2015, and attended by approximately 100 thousand troops. It is noted that every year Russia sets new records in complexity. Last year, the country held exercises “Vostok-2018”, where, according to official figures, was attended by 300 thousand troops.

The authors believe that the real reason for concern about the new doctrines, much less, than considers the majority of experts. The article separately allocated goals that will stand before the maneuvers “Center-2019”. The first is that Russia is eager to demonstrate its ability to block the Arctic zone. According to experts, this is nothing new.

Russia also committed military power to support the strengthening of their positions along the Northern sea route. However, it is noted that West nonetheless should be careful. The concern is large scale the exercises and possible participation of the Pacific fleet.

It is reported that the exercises “Center-2019” will show the new military equipment made specifically for the Arctic, including anti-aircraft missile system “tor-М2ДТ” and battle tank T-80БВМ.

An important point the authors emphasize the possible participation of China. Last year, Chinese troops participated in the exercises “Vostok-2018”, and therefore, according to the experts, we cannot exclude their involvement in Arctic exercises. If China is not invited, then it would send a clear signal that the presence of Beijing in the Arctic desirable. In conclusion, it is noted that at this point in time, “discharge” in the Arctic will continue.

Strategic exercises “Center” will be held in August-September 2019. Troops of the Central military district will hold 78 of joint activities of operational and combat training.

Northern sea route — the Arctic’s main shipping artery of Russia, connecting the ports of the Arctic and major rivers of the Northern region, the shortest water route between the Far East and the European part of the country. In January it was reported that in the next five years on the development and support of the project will require 905,6 billion.

In early may it was reported that the United States will strengthen military presence in the Arctic region because of the “destabilizing” actions of Russia.

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