Millions of Russians risk to remain without a pension


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ilya Pitalev / RIA Novosti

Income data, approximately 24 million working Russians not come to the Pension Fund, write “Izvestia”. This means that in the future they can only rely on the minimum social pension.

According to the Pension Fund, it receives data on revenues of 54 million citizens. Given the size of the working age population, which currently stands at 81,3 million people, and the number of official unemployed persons (800 thousand) and disabled people (2.4 million), hiding their earnings 24.1 million Russians.

All of them either are “gray wages”, which does not report the employer, or not work at all and it does not consist on the account in employment service.

Under current law, contributions to the Pension Fund for its employees pays the employer. Individual entrepreneurs pay contributions on their own, depending on turnover. 16 percent of the salaries go to the insurance part of the pension, which manages Pension Fund, six per cent cumulative, which future retirees may, at its discretion, to transfer to the pension Fund or left in the state management company VEB, the Russian Federation. In 2014 the funded part temporarily also manages the Pension Fund.

Citizens who do not have sufficient seniority, can only rely on state-guaranteed social pension, the amount of which depends on the current minimum subsistence level.

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