Named the most absurd misconceptions of men about the female body


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Wearer Twitter with the nickname Brownandbella asked podeschi to tell her about the strange delusions of men about the structure of the female body they had ever heard. Started her thread with nearly 16 thousand likes and reposts.

As it turned out, not all guys know what is the difference between the vagina and the urethra. “My boyfriend was in shock when I learned that the vagina is not the place where we go to the toilet. He didn’t believe me, had to show,” — said one of the wearer. According to another, her classmate imagined ovulation (release of egg in the uterus) is not the way it actually happens. “Perhaps the woman will not feel a draught, when the egg comes out?” he asked one day in class.

Many of the misconceptions men concerned menstruation. Girl Joyslin described an awkward situation when in the middle of having sex with a guy who has studied the medicine, it got a little bit of blood, and he reacted to this strong fear. “He started screaming that I had a venereal disease, and then another month to bother me in Facebook that I gave him HIV,” — said about the reaction of the guy Joyslin. The lady Sabrina Granger touched by other users story about his brother who is 14 years donated his younger sister due to the fact that menstruation happened to her on the weekends.

Much less cute nick thought the story about the father of one of the wearer, which forbade her to wear tampons. In his opinion, they are able to take her virginity. Judging by the reaction of the girls in the thread, he was not the only one of the men who feel the same way. In the lives of some of the wearer met men who believed that the tampon can be used more than once, such as the menstrual Cup.

The process of giving birth to some of the guys also turned out to be a mystery. The husband of a woman with the nickname Danielle believed that at birth the umbilical cord of the child is cut off and put back into the mother. Many users of these stories are funny, and they thanked the author of the thread.

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