Persecution due to the extra weight brought the reality star to failure to get out of the house


www.vsyako.netScarlett Moffatt Photo: J Chris Ratcliffe / Getty Images

Well-known member of several British reality show Scarlett Moffatt (Scarlett Moffatt) said that for a long time, afraid to appear in public because of the bullying regarding her weight. In a post on Instagram she noted that because of the flow of patchamama could not get out of the house.

“Before, I avoided this photo, I was upset because of him, as in the days when he abused me when I was so depressed that didn’t even want to get out of the house! But I don’t think the same when I look at this photo now! Now I see a young girl who lived perfectly and appeared on the show, which he loved, showed their dignity and curves with the best parties,” wrote 29-year-old Moffatt.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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