Refuted popular version of this ancestor of man


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Scientists came to the conclusion that modern man is Homo sapiens, most likely, are not descended from Australopithecus species Australopithecus sediba. The most suitable candidate for the role of humans is another species — A. afarensis, known for the remains of a female nicknamed Lucy. About the publication reports Ars Technica.

Researchers have genealogical map 28 pairs of different types of hominini tribes and their descendants based on the age of the first found fossils. Only in one case of the fossil ancestor was older than fossils of his descendant — Homo erectus and it evolved from H. antecessor (the gap is 100-200 thousand years). It is known that A. sediba 800 thousand years younger than the earliest fossils attributable to the genus Homo.

Experts came to the conclusion that if the species lived approximately million years than 0.97, then the probability that a fossil sample will be younger than his putative descendant of 0.9 percent. This can happen if the original form existed, and after left him a new evolutionary branch. Some experts believed that A. sediba is the case, however new data has shown that it is extremely unlikely.

According to scientists, Lucy and her kin are the most possible candidates for the role of a human ancestor known still ancient hominini. However, given the scarcity of fossils, there is the probability that the principal ancestors of humans still have not discovered.

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