Russian village caught in the chaos in the oil market of Europe


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Residents of the village of Nikolayevka in the Samara region, where, according to the Investigative Committee, contaminates entering Europe through the pipeline “Druzhba” oil claim that it has long been suspected that something was wrong. They blame the new owner of the terminal, writes Bloomberg in a report “How one village on the Volga river has wreaked havoc in the oil market of Europe.”

The Agency spoke with several residents of Nikolayevka. 72-year-old pensioner Valentina Martynenko said that has lived his entire life in front of the terminal, where, according to investigators, was the infusion of contaminated oil is stolen quality. About a month ago, according to the woman, she noticed that the terminal had ceased to drive tanker trucks. “I don’t miss them — they are only the dust lifted,” said Martynenko.

The couple of Elena and Valery argue that the expected catch for the last year — after the node draining the oil changed by the owner: company “Neftepervalki” bought it from “Smartasset-Terminal” — a company affiliated with the private group of companies “PetroNeft”. The former owner was in contact with the locals, gave them gifts and was built in the village Church, what does “Neftepervalki”.

The main problem of Nikolayevka local residents believe the nearby plant for the production of batteries. According to them, it pollutes the air. “When the wind blows in the wrong direction, hard to breathe, — said Martynenko. We have tried everything to achieve its closure, but nothing helps. Why is it still not caused the international scandal?”

Node draining the oil in Nikolaevka became known that the Investigative Committee in early may announced that it has been polluted for export of oil. Fuel is supplied to Europe and to Ukraine through the pipeline “Druzhba”. In mid-April, Belarus said that the contaminated oil from Russia became the reason of a crash of the Mozyr oil refinery (oil refinery), after which the transit was stopped and still not resumed. Only, according to Minsk, the country got about five million tons of oil with a high content of chlororganics.

In the case of deliberate contamination of the fuel are four people — the owners and top-managers of the “Terminal” and companies “PetroNeft Asset” and “Magistral”. They are charged with stealing oil worth at least a million rubles, in an attempt to hide that they supposedly poured into the node draining the contaminated fuel. They are all arrested by the court.

Economists estimate that Russia’s losses from the suspension of oil exports through the “Friendship” could amount to several billion dollars. France’s Total and Italy’s Eni have refused to pay their suppliers for poor-quality crude oil from Russia until, until you receive payment.

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