The actors of “Game of thrones” called disregard the requirement to re-shoot the eighth season


www.vsyako.netSophie Turner and Isaac Hempstead-Wright Photo by: Charles McQuillan / Getty Images

The actors of “Game of thrones” Sophie Turner and Isaac Hempstead-Wright talked about what do you think about the demands of the fans to reshoot the final season of the series. It is reported portal The Wrap.

In the opinion of the performer of the role of Sansa stark, everyone in the audience has in mind a picture of what should end the show, but when the real scenario does not coincide with his personal views, he begins to panic and hate this project. This happens with any series, added the artist.

“Nevertheless, I think this petition is a sign of disrespect to the film crew and Directors who worked on the series for 10 years, spent last season with 11 months and shot over 50 night scenes. It is this level of disrespect with which I definitely can’t agree,” said Turner.

Played bran stark Hempstead-Wright called the petition of the fans of the show irrelevant nonsense that he’s trying to dismiss. “People have every right to react the way they like it quite honestly. And from the very beginning we warned that not everyone will be satisfied with the ending,” he said.

While the actor expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that some of the spectators fancied himself experienced Hollywood writers and believe that they can tell the creators of the series, how badly they do their job. “In my opinion, we finished well. We did what everyone wanted. And the fact that people react emotionally and angry, only proves that we did the right thing,” concluded Hempstead-Wright.

May 16, the fans have created a petition to reshoot the final season, which they deemed unsuccessful. She currently has collected 1 371 241 signature.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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