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Experts Australian publishing house Lonely Planet has compiled a list of top destinations for travel in Europe in 2019. The full rating is published on the official website Lonely Planet.

In the first position among the most picturesque places was the highest point of the mountain system of the Carpathians — the High Tatras. “In the landscape of the High Tatras there is something mythical. In this Kingdom of crooked mountain peaks and waterfalls is home to many brown bears, to spy on which more and more tourists from all over the world,” reads the description of the Lonely Planet.

Second place went to the Spanish city of Madrid. According to experts, each year the infrastructure of Madrid is getting better — appeared in the town more pedestrian and Bicycle paths, and its nightlife is considered one of the brightest in Europe.

For the High Tatras and Madrid followed by a new tourist route in Iceland, which was called “Arctic coastal path” (The Arctic Coast way). It will be held in the Northern part of the island and include 900 kilometres of roads, 21 village and boat transfers to four Islands. The final version of the project will be presented on 8 June 2019.

In addition, the top ten sights of Europe 2019 entered a historical region of Herzegovina in the South of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the port city of Bari in Italy, the Shetland Islands in Scotland, to the French city of Lyon, the microstate of Liechtenstein, the Swiss city of Vevey and the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia.

In October, experts of the Australian publishers Lonely Planet called the 10 most scenic rail routes. Among them were the Russian Baikal-Amur mainline, which stretches to 4.3 thousand kilometers through the Siberian wilderness. It connects the localities where the winter temperature drops to minus 60.

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