The calculated hash value for the Russians


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Analysts “Yandex” has estimated the cost of making hash for the inhabitants of the Russian cities-millionaires. The most expensive it costs to Muscovites, cheaper — residents of Perm. This is stated in the results of the study, which came to edition”.ru”.

Experts estimate that the average hash for five people costs the inhabitants of large Russian cities in 281 ruble much they spend on products needed for its preparation. The most expensive ingredients are the sausage and brew. In Moscow hash is 343 rubles, the second place Krasnoyarsk — 295 rubles, the third Ekaterinburg — 286 rubles.

Also in the top five leaders of the cost of the hash entered Omsk (284 rubles) and St. Petersburg (280 rubles). Cheaper ingredients for the hash in Chelyabinsk, Volgograd and Perm. In these cities, its preparation costs about 260, 255 and 246 million, respectively.

The rating was used for cheques deposited, uploaded in April-may app users “Edadil” to get cashback. Ingredients found in 2.7 million such checks. It is noted that the result of the analysis of prices tend to be minimal since in the studied checks, probably a lot of products purchased at a discount or simply at competitive prices.

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