The court allowed the claim with trump’s tax records


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The judge in the US refused to stand on the side of advocates of the American President Donald trump and prohibit congressmen to demand his tax returns. This writes CNBC.

The corresponding decision was made the Federal judge of the capital of the district of Columbia Amit Mehta on Monday, may 20. He rejected the petition of lawyers of the head of state and ruled in favor of the Committee on oversight and government reform of the house of representatives.

Mehta decided that the request of legislators to Mazars, the auditors and preparing the financial statements of trump, is legally justified. In this regard, “not the court’s business to question whether the actions of the Committee are politically motivated,” reads the decision.

Trump believes that the decree is insane and intends to appeal. “Absolutely the wrong decision judges appointed [President Barack] Obama,” he said.

The congressmen requested financial documents in April. According to them, the data will help to ensure that the head of state does not violate the clause of the Constitution on remuneration. Lawyers for the President argued that the actions of the Committee do not have legal grounds and are part of the campaign of the Democrats, aimed at causing damage to the reputation of trump.

Last week, the Finance Ministry refused to inform the members of the house of representatives of the Congress of the Declaration of the trump for six years. The requirement to publish them was made in April.

Trump has repeatedly refused to publish their tax return. Opponents of the American leader even arranged because of this protest. Their reluctance the President explains including the ongoing audit.

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