The man found the sword of the XVII century near the wreck


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Robert Felce

In the County of Cornwall, England, the man found fragments of pirate swords, produced about 335 years ago. On it informs the British edition Daily Mirror.

Robert Felice (Robert Felce) were engaged in search of treasures in the Bay Dollar Cove, where in the XVII century was wrecked ship “Sidam”. The Briton found a few pieces of the blade, they were scattered in a small ravine and covered with sand. He suggests that these fragments cutlasses.

“As expected, the years and the ocean has taken its toll. A large part of the blade or Paravel, is either missing,” — commented on his discovery Felice.

However, he noted that despite the significant destruction of the object, to determine the original size and shape of the swords is still possible.

“Its length could be more than 60 centimetres and the weapon is probably maintained in good condition by the owner, who could be either a sailor or a soldier, or even North African pirate,” added the Briton.

This is not the first discovery Felice in the Bay of Dollar Cove. Previously, he found three hand grenades.

“Sidam” was a Dutch trading ship. In 1683 he was captured by Barbary pirates, and then the British. They used it as transport ships of the Royal Navy. “Sidam” sank during a heavy storm in April 1684.

In mid-April it was reported that in the English County of Lincolnshire kladoiskateli found a hat, a brooch, presumably, belonged to king Edward IV. To find showed interest as private collectors and museums. The brooch is offered from ten to 15 thousand pounds (from 842 thousand rubles to 1.2 million).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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