The man threw the bride before the wedding for a “devil-may-care” attitude to the dog



A Reddit user said that he gave up his bride before the wedding due to the fact that she has not followed his dog. According to the Sun, he explained that the dog unattended ate a few chocolates.

28-year-old man admitted that he was in a relationship with his 27-year-old sweetheart of four years. The author of the post also has a dog — seven-year-old cross between a Labrador, which he calls the “best dog ever”.

The bride has arranged a bachelorette party at his house, but asked to leave the dog with her. The man left for the weekend to her parents and told her to lock the dog in a bedroom at a party.

“At five o’clock on Saturday morning she called me and said that with a dog something not so. She was drunk, so I sent her to the vet in a taxi. When I arrived on the scene, she looked as if she would cry for hours and couldn’t speak. Her two friends told me that dog is alive, but he’s very ill,” wrote a man. He hugged the bride and pitied her, until he learned the cause of illness of the pet.

As it turned out, the girls left the chocolate and drinks on the tables, and the dog roamed between them and ate sweets.

When the pair returned home, the man drove the bride and said that the wedding is off. After that, all friends and relatives asked him to forgive the girl. He noted that she made rash decisions: texting behind the wheel and left things on the stove, and then almost set the fire.

Some time later, the user added that was cooled down and realize that it’s not the dog, and “her disregard for the lives of other people and animals.” “I’d rather be a bastard than to have to worry every time the child remains with her,” he concluded.

Commentators have noted that the man hardly loved his bride and just found a reason to leave her. They suggested that the child she would have behaved more responsibly.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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