The man was a prisoner of the crocodiles and survived


www.vsyako.netFrame: Daily Mail

In Queensland, Australia, a man spent all night on the tree, escaping from crocodiles. On it informs the British edition Daily Mail.

38-year-old Joel Griffiths (Joel Griffiths) went fishing in the national Park Cape Palmerston. He noticed stuck in the quagmire of the car, inside of which was a woman with a child. The Aussie helped them, and when they left, found that mired his car.

The man lit the fire, called the rescue service and climbed a tree to avoid a crocodile that had appeared around his SUV.

“I turned on the headlights when I heard published by crocodiles sounds. They came closer and I noticed their red eyes. I had to sit in the pose of the koalas, not to fall down,” — said Griffiths.

He held on the tree all night, fighting off predators, and mosquitoes. The next morning the Aussie was rescued by the police. Now they are thinking of how to return to the man in the car.

In may it was reported that in Australia a man and his son spent the whole night in the water with sharks and crocodiles and managed to survive. Representatives of the water police said that they were extremely lucky.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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