The parents forgot the baby in the taxi on the way from the hospital


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In Hamburg, Germany, parents brought the infant, forgotten in a taxi. It is reported by British newspaper the Mirror.

The couple was returning from the hospital along with his older child and a newborn. When the taxi driver stopped the car near their house, they paid, said goodbye to the driver and got out. A few minutes later the parents discovered that he had forgotten the newborn in the car. The father tried to catch a taxi, but did not.

The driver didn’t notice left on the back seat of the baby and continued to take orders while the child is asleep. As said police, the man accidentally left him alone in the car during lunch break. Baby in the cabin was found by the passengers.

The driver immediately called the police. The child was taken to the hospital for examination, then returned to parents.

In March it was reported that the liner of Saudia returned to departure airport due to the fact that one of the passengers forgot her baby there. No details about whether it was possible for a woman to pick him up from the terminal, the airline did not provide.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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