The presenter told us about bullying and the beatings from an ex-boyfriend


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TV presenter and model Ayesha Perry-Iqbal (Ayesha Perry-Iqbal) declared that became a victim of violence by a former boyfriend. Her words quoted by the tabloid The Sun.

28-year-old presenter decided to share his experiences to draw attention to the problem of domestic violence. According to her, even the most confident and successful people can be victims of aggression.

Perry-Iqbal said that ex-boyfriend constantly beat her legs and taunted her. “There were cases when I lost consciousness and felt the life leave me”, — shared the leading British channel 4. In her confession, frequent abuse has led to the fact that the girl is ready to die at the hands of her lover.

The model said that the first few months after the start of the relationship everything was perfect. Soon, however, he began to show aggression for any reason. It all started with the fact that she got out of the shower without drying yourself with a towel — this is for the lover yelled at her for the first time used force. According to her, she didn’t even understand what happened.

As a man increasingly used to her violence, Perry-Iqbal decreased communication with family, to keep them from seeing the bruises. Boyfriend often choked her, that she developed health problems. Especially the severe pain she gets from displacement in the cervical spine.

The last straw was the betrayal of her boyfriend. Perry-Iqbal wanted to leave with him peacefully, but he once again pounced on her and beat to death. TV presenter escaped from their apartment. “I ran down the street in torn clothes, with a cut face, in blood, in bruises,” she remembered.

The girl tried to seek justice in court, however the judge issued the restraining order, and only recommended to her ex-boyfriend not to talk to her. At the time of sentencing, the model lost consciousness.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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