The President of Lithuania broke the record for the number of his portraits in offices


www.vsyako.netDahl, Grybauskaite: Toby Melville / Reuters

Portraits of the President are found in state institutions of Lithuania more often than in other democratic countries, said an expert on the protocols and etiquettes of Arminas Lydeka. His words the publication of LRT.

In the example of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Lithuania, where they found more than two dozen presidential portraits. The interior Minister of the country Charolais, Vaitkevicius says that the portraits hang in the offices of only those officials who want it, and expresses the opinion that the portrait of the President — “this is a symbol of the state, is partly a symbol of unity, especially in the diplomatic services”.

While the President’s advisors are difficult to answer, how many in the country portraits of the President. According to them, counting is not possible because they are in schools, municipalities and bookstores.

As noted by Arminas of Lydeka, the portrait of the President is not regulated by any law of the country, however, it became an established political custom. In addition, portraits Dalia Grybauskaite are provided by public agencies free of charge.

Usually for portraits Grybauskaite used the photographer Thomas Kauneckas, who made one of the first shots of the Lithuanian President after her election.

Earlier, Ukraine’s new President Vladimir Zelensky in the course of his inaugural address urged officials not to hang in the offices of his portraits, because the President is “not an icon” and “idol.” As an alternative, he invited them to use the portraits of their children about which to think when making decisions.

Dalia grybauskaitė leads Lithuanian Republic since 2009, before that for several years led the Ministry of Finance of Lithuania, at different times, was the European Commissioner for education and culture, for financial programming and budget. In 2014, she was re-elected for a second term, which expires in 2019.

12 may Lithuania passed the first round of the presidential election. According to its results in the second round were an independent candidate, economist Gitanas Nausea and the candidate from the party “Union of Fatherland — Christian Democrats of Lithuania,” the former Minister of Finance Ingrida Simonyte. The second round will be held on may 26, simultaneously with elections to the European Parliament.

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