The utility found an extreme way of cutting off gas to debtors



Employees of the company “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Vladimir” together with the bailiffs conducted a large-scale RAID to recover debts for gas from residents of apartment buildings in the region. This was reported on the website of the company.

During the RAID, the utility experimented with an unusual way to penetrate into the dwelling of the debtor. According to workers, the incident occurred in one of the apartment buildings on Herzen street in Vladimir.

One of the locals did not pay for gas for several years, ignoring the complaints of public utilities. The court ordered the man to give the gas companies access to the apartment for shutoff of the gas supply, but the defaulter has ignored the decision. He never opened the door and did not respond to calls. As a result, the utility decided to take the help of police and Ministry of emergency situations of the region.

“The door man of habit is revealed, but it was clear that he is at home — the apartment was locked from the inside and the key was in the keyhole,” — said in a statement. Access to the apartment provided a fire — penetrated by a ladder in the window, they opened the front door from the inside, letting the gas companies and bailiffs. Deadbeat blocked access to the gas supply, turn off the stove and water heater.

In 2018 one of management companies of Irkutsk held a rally “toilet for debtors”, to encourage defaulters to repay debt. The public utilities were installed in the courtyards of houses, where they live, the debtors, the wooden toilet cubicle, reminding thus of a possible overlap of sewage. Informed their colleagues from Samara began to place in the yards of three-ton design with the inscription “Here lives the debtor”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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