Theresa may has told about the last chance for Brexit


www.vsyako.netTheresa Matto: Reuters

Prime Minister Theresa may promised the country’s Parliament the opportunity to vote for a new referendum on the country’s exit from the EU — with the proviso that the legislators will support her new project agreement with the European Union. About it reports BBC News.

The new document, which the Prime Minister will present in the beginning of June, includes additional safeguards for the rights of workers, measures to protect the environment and provide a few details on the question of Ireland.

If the Parliament again rejects it, it can lead to Brexit, says may. If the agreement is approved, its terms can be discussed at the second national referendum.

The head of the government opposes such a vote, but said he understands “sincere and pure” feelings of many members about the Brexit. “I made a compromise and ask the same from you”, she said.

UK were to leave the EU on 29 March, however, due to the absence in Parliament of a common position on the stages of separation from the EU postponed dates at the end of October. Lawmakers rejected three version of the agreement put forward by the Prime Minister. Once the negotiations failed on may 17.

If London can’t come to Brussels to an understanding on this issue, Brexit will pass without a deal that you think is the least beneficial to both parties developments.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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