USA took pity on Huawei


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Charles Platiau / Reuters

The U.S. Department of Commerce gave the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei temporary relief in imposed on it constraints, reported on the Agency’s website. This is done in order not to create major difficulties for the American companies that have contractual arrangements with a Chinese Corporation.

The Ministry has granted Huawei a temporary General permit which will allow you to maintain the existing communication network and provide a software update to users who already own smartphones.

Permits will be valid until 19 August. What happens next and how it will affect existing and new clients of the company, the message is not specified.

Previously, Huawei was included in the black list of companies banned from cooperation with the U.S. without a special license from the authorities. This was the result of a decree declaring a national state of emergency due to threats of information technology, signed by President Donald trump. The government of the United States to have repeatedly accused Huawei in collecting personal data of users and transfer them to the Chinese authorities.

First about the termination of cooperation with Huawei announced by Google, and American manufacturers of chips for Qualcomm processor, Xinling and Broadcast. On newer devices the Chinese company it will not be their software and components. However, several European companies expressed support for Huawei, because they do not have a direct connection with the United States and are not required to submit to their governing bodies.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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