Venezuela refused to Visa and MasterCard


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ueslei Marcelino / Reuters

The Central Bank of Venezuela issued a decree about the refusal from the use of the country’s banking cards of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard, writes Banca y Negocios, citing Venezuelan decree of the regulator.

The document, according to the publication, was released in mid-may. It is instructed all banks in the country for 10 days to introduce measures to phase from the largest international payment systems and cards. The waiver must occur by the beginning of next year: from 30 November, Venezuela will cease to use a debit card Visa and MasterCard on January 30, 2020 credit.

In addition, Venezuelan banks will have to create their own “sovereign” payment system using biometric data.

Banned in Venezuela, Visa and MasterCard will be the answer to sanctions against the country by the USA, adopted in late January after the leader of the opposition Parliament Joan Guido declared himself interim President is Nicolas Maduro. In particular, foreign accounts of the state oil company PDVSA has been blocked, and access to foreign exchange the revenue of its and its subsidiary Citgo, owns refineries in the United States, was received by the opposition.

According to some, Washington was planning to ban Visa and MasterCard to work in Venezuela, but no official orders have yet been received.

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