Austria has formed a transitional government after the scandal with the “Russian”


www.vsyako.netSebastian Kurchata: Alexei Nikolsky / RIA Novosti

In Austria formed a transitional government after the collapse of the previous political scandal. It is reported by the Austria press Agency.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has identified experts who will take Ministerial seats at the time of the transitional government. Instead of the main participant in the scandal of Heinz-Christian strache functions of the Vice-Chancellor will perform the Finance Minister Hartwig Leger. The new Minister of foreign Affairs, former Chairman of the Supreme court of Austria Eckart Ratz, labour, a former head of Department of the Department Walter Pelter. The Ministry of defence will be headed by an officer Johann, Leif.

A political scandal broke out in Austria may 18 — a week before the European Parliament elections. This happened after the publication of the German media videos from the Vice-Chancellor and head of the fpö, Heinz-Christian strache. The footage of the politician and his assistant Johann Gudenus meet with the alleged niece of the Russian oligarch in Ibiza. It was assumed that she had to help the Vice-Chancellor to win elections, for which he promised to give her part of the state orders in the construction industry.

After the incident strache has resigned. He also explained that he had met with a citizen of Latvia, not Russia, and all events — planned action.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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