Concerned about the rise of the Ossetians, the Ingush called on the mountain all


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The Ingush authorities commented on social networks about the impending ascent of table mountain, which was planned by the residents of North Ossetia. This is stated in the message published on the website of the Ministry of external relations, national policy, press and information of the Republic.

Residents of Ingushetia urged not to succumb to provocations. “The work on this occasion held the leadership of Ingushetia and North Ossetia — Alania, the reasons of appearance of such information”, — stated in the message. The Agency urged citizens to be more reserved and not show aggression.

The Ministry planned for June climbing a mountain. “We invite you to participate in the event all interested citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign States, regardless of their place of residence, nationality and religious affiliation,” — said in the message.

The announcement of impending ascent appeared in public “news of Vladikavkaz” in Instagram. The report said that two-day hike organized by the committees on tourism and youth Affairs of North Ossetia, scheduled for 8 and 9 June. Its aim called the popularization of active recreation and the development of domestic tourism among citizens.

Under the post there was a lot of negative comments, and the organizers began to receive threats. In particular, users are urged not to let tourists in, “Holy Ingush lands.” The initiative of the authorities of North Ossetia, the Ingush considered it an attempt to “stake out the mountain” and urged the youth to organize these days own ascent.

The Ingush consider the mountain sacred, there is the ancient sanctuary of the deity Mints-Sat, which was considered the patron of agriculture and fertility where up until the mid-nineteenth century were public rituals.

Table mountain is located mainly in the territory of the dzheyrakhsky district of Ingushetia, at the foot of the North side of the mountain border with Suburban district of North Ossetia. But finally its territorial identity is still not determined.

The mountain is bordered by the Suburban district, which for several decades is the subject of territorial disputes of the two republics. In 1944, the district moved North Ossetia after the collapse of the USSR Ingushetia demanded it back. In the end, this resulted in the ethnic conflict, with many casualties on both sides. To repay it was only after the introduction into the region of the Federal troops.

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