Doctors have confessed to the most terrible mistakes of their colleagues


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Reddit users working in the medical field, shared the most unusual cases from his practice, which they would manage on their own. Tred launched the user under the name big-juicy724 asked the question: “Doctors of Reddit, remember the moments like “Thank God, they sought an alternative opinion””.

One day post scored 54 thousand likes and 13 comments. The most popular was the story of a psychiatrist who treated a patient with mild depressive symptoms. 30-year-old man complained of four roommates who spoiled his mood, and problems in everyday life. He successfully treated the patient. However, several months later, the patient returned to the clinic with the same complaints, but now his stories appeared five neighbors. The doctor tried to figure out what happened, and even wanted to contact his neighbors. However, it appeared that the patient was seriously ill and lived alone.

The user BoisterousPlay presented by dermatologist urged patients often go to multiple specialists. “I saw probably five cases “I another doctor said all right.” It was melanoma,” said he, noting that professionals who recommend just to hide the rash under clothing, should be avoided.

Ophthalmologist said that because of his meticulousness, he managed to save a woman’s life. She came to pick up my prescription on the glasses, but he sent it to a few surveys, noticing how bad her pupils dilate. It turned out that the patient at this moment began an asymptomatic recurrence of the tumor difficult. Later, the doctor finished the post: “For those who asked about the pupils, they were asymmetrical, and more reacted less sharply compared to the others.”

The ambulance doctor under the name skyskimmer12 said that the rural doctor sent him to a patient diagnosed with pneumonia. However, when they met patients, they found he had no lung inflammation, and gunshot wound in the back. It turned out that the physician never examined patient, and focused on x-ray.

One of the users complained about the incompetence of doctors. “I was a doctor in high school who didn’t care when I suddenly had vertical double vision”, he said. This doctor also did not pay attention to what the patient rapidly lost weight. Later it turned out that the boy had a tumor.

Another patient complained that the doctor prescribed him with painkillers in response to complaints about an unbearable headache. The last straw was the time when the patient was unable to walk. Then the therapist reluctantly sent him to a neurologist. He immediately sent him to the intensive care unit, he immediately became obvious that the patient has hydrocephalus.

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