In McDonald’s erupted sex scandal


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More than 20 workers network of fast food restaurants McDonald’s in the USA filed lawsuits on sexual harassment. On it informs TV channel NBC.

“These brave workers “McDonald’s”, many of which at the time of the harassment were 16-17 years old, declare that I have faced with many cases of improper conduct,” said Yves Cervantes, counselor of women. They accuse employees of improper touch, offer to engage in sexual contact, indecent comments and public display of genitals. Women also say that all their complaints to management or ignored, or perceived as a joke.

“When the harassment began, I felt like I was in denial. I didn’t think the man I respect and appreciate, will be to purposefully humiliate me, to treat me to things and make you feel small,” — said Latarsha Smith, an employee of the restaurant from South Carolina. According to her, when she rejected the advances of the chief, who was rude to her, forced to come at inconvenient times and excluded from training programmes.

Fast food chain McDonald’s has about 14 thousand restaurants in the U.S. and about 850 thousand people. Most stores work on the franchise.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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