In Russia, listed the “shortcomings” of the F-35


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

The fifth generation fighter F-35 Lightning II, there are problems with the generation of oxygen for pilots and software (SW) said “the Star” military commentator Vladimir Karnozov.

In his opinion, the problems with the oxygen system characteristic of the F-22 Raptor, and the development (and update) ON the F-35 Lightning II, based on the programming languages C, C++ and Ada, have done (and costs) of billions of dollars.

In addition, Carnosol complained to the helmet used by the pilot of the F-35 Lightning II, which, according to him, due to its weight (2.4 kgs) can create an unnecessary burden on the neck of the pilot, in particular, to provoke injury during ejection.

It is also a columnist criticized the stealth coating of the plane, which, in his opinion, is not able to provide claimed by the developer (the American military-industrial Corporation Lockheed Martin) stealth.

“These technical solutions are not a panacea. There must be a compromise between the size of the aircraft and protective coatings and so on. The F-35 is a great machine, and the invisibility it can be issued only in the case of the PR campaign”, — concluded Karnozov.

Thus the expert commentator commented on the accident a Japanese F-35A Lightning II, which occurred on April 9 in the skies over the Pacific ocean.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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