In Russia, predicted the imminent ice age


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Mathematics, Ural Federal University came to the conclusion that global warming should soon give way to global cooling. To this conclusion they came, after analyzing data about climate change in ancient times. About it reported in a press release received by the editors”.ru”.

It is noted that scientists have identified the imminent cold, noting that over the past 10 million years global warming is always followed by global cooling. They took into account the change in the average temperature of the World ocean amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and vegetation on the Ground, as well as the mass of continental and sea ice. The decrease in the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere must happen because of violations of circulation patterns in the oceans caused by the influx of fresh water.

The researchers noted that recent temperature swings have become more dramatic, the major factors are natural processes. However, scientists emphasize that in our days one of the key roles is played by a new, anthropogenic factors, including deforestation and emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which can lead to unpredictable consequences. Exactly when will begin a new era of glaciation, the Russian scientists can not yet.

Now they are working on a mathematical model that takes into account the processes affecting climate change. This will allow more precisely to define the future climate of the planet.

However, scientists all over the world have used a similar climate model. In particular, it was found that the current global warming is irrelevant to the natural processes (e.g., Milankovitch cycles) and significantly prolongs the duration of the climatic optimum. Otherwise, the tendency to cold would be established in the coming years. In addition, currently there is a uniform warming of the entire globe, while past climate changes (for example, coverage of Greenland ice or “Green” Sahara) were more localized and caused by fluctuations in the earth’s axis.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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