In Russia, said the number of fans sexist jokes


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Korobeynikov / RIA Novosti

A third of Russians (33 per cent) allow jokes about women with a negative connotation in everyday communication. The research “the Attitude of Russians to feminism and gender inequality” Agency “Mikhailov and Partners. Analytics” (at the disposal “of the”).

According to the study, about the unacceptability of sexist jokes in advertising said 59 percent of respondents in the online materials- 50 percent, in movies and literary works — 44 per cent.

It is noted that most negatively to such humor are the people of the North-Caucasian Federal district (36%). In the North-West Federal district against sexist jokes spoke only 15 percent of respondents.

Last year student of the faculty of international relations, St. Petersburg state University (SPbSU) posted in high school homemade placards on which was printed a sexist quotes of their teachers. They were such phrases as “Look, do you have something in addition to beauty”, “Women have no place in politics”, “set up for marriage the brain of a PhD student is not able to understand the postpositivism”, “I Want to my exam came only redhead Babes in short skirts”.

Nationwide representative telephone survey was conducted in March 2019. The sample consisted of 1792 people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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