In the Russian gymnasium was established different passing score for boys and girls


www.vsyako.netPhoto: official website of the school №4 im. Kamensky

In Perm in the prestigious gymnasium No. 4 for admission of boys has set the passing score lower than girls. It is reported portal with reference to the students ‘ parents.

According to the school Director Tatyana Dyakova, this is because the boys are less diligent in her studies, but eventually “become leaders” and “run the country”. “We have a gender-based principle of education: both boys and girls, we have only girly classes,” she added.

The children’s Ombudsman in Perm region Svetlana Denisova said that he does not understand the position of the administration of the institution and encourages parents to complain. She reminded that schools have the right to conduct entrance examination scores only for those who enter the free space.

Last year it was reported that in the Ural school №200 with advanced study of separate subjects 14-year-old boy from a large family, not paying for food, banned from going to the cafeteria with classmates. Of discrimination against the student told his mother. According to her, early child ate for free as a member of a large family, but then the benefit is lost. “It was a little expensive, and the son said that the food is often cold and tasteless, so the food we declined. Began to carry with you or buy in the cafeteria. So Kirill was forbidden to eat his food along with everyone,” the woman reported. She added that my son wears braces, so can’t eat certain foods.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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