Ingush resented the rise of Ossetians on the mountain


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Social networks sparked the conflict between the inhabitants of the North Ossetia and Ingushetia. The reason for this was the imminent rise of Ossetians to the table mountain (Mesa Loam) in Dzheyrahsko district of Ingushetia. The message of the impending campaign appeared in public “news of Vladikavkaz” in Instagram.

The climb is scheduled for 8 and 9 June. Its aim called the popularization of active recreation and the development of domestic tourism among citizens. The mountains call people with experience of Hiking, there is a planned overnight stay. Organized by the committees on tourism, youth Affairs, and several travel clubs and lifeguards.

Under the post has negative comments. One of the subscribers said that the mountain is located in Ingushetia, and the border with Suburban district is on the North side of the foot. “So look at it and climbing on it, do not forget that you are there for guests”, — he said. Another commenter stressed that the Ossetians there nobody called. “We didn’t invite you, neighbour, it is better to sit at home,” — he wrote. “How can you still not ashamed to rewrite the whole story want,” thought the third.

The organizers of the climb began to receive threats, according to the Telegram-channel “Ossetia”. Users are urged not to let tourists in, “Holy Ingush lands.” The initiative of the authorities of North Ossetia, the Ingush considered it an attempt to “stake out the mountain” and urged the youth to organize these days own ascent.

The territorial affiliation of the mountain is still not identified, says Telegram-channel “Commander in chief of the Republic of Ingushetia”. “The Ingush side claims that all documents in the mountain part of Ingushetia. The Ossetians cite data of the Federal cadastral service, which indicated that table mountain is predominantly located in the territory of North Ossetia”, — stated in the message.

Table mountain is located mainly in the territory of the dzheyrakhsky district of Ingushetia, at the foot of the North side of the mountain border with Suburban district of North Ossetia. The vertex is depicted on the coat of arms of Ingushetia and Vladikavkaz. The Ingush consider the mountain sacred. There is the ancient sanctuary of the deity Mints-Sat, which was considered the patron of agriculture and fertility where up until the mid-nineteenth century were public rituals. The administration of the Dzheirakh district regularly organises climbing, one recent one took place in September 2018.

The Eastern part of the Prigorodny district, which is a mountain, until 1944 was part of the Chechen-Ingush ASSR. After the deportation of the Chechens and Ingush to Central Asia, this territory was transferred to North Ossetia. In 1957, the repressed peoples were rehabilitated, but the Prigorodny district remained part of North Ossetia. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, North Ossetia, and Ingushetia became independent republics, but the latter demanded the return of the Prigorodny district. In 1992, it led to armed clashes with many casualties from Ingush and Ossetian sides, to resolve the conflict was only after the introduction of Federal troops.

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