Kolomoisky told about congratulations Zelensky


www.vsyako.netIgor Kolomoyskogo: Mykhailo Markiv / RIA Novosti

The oligarch Igor Kolomoisky said that he had not met with President Vladimir Zelensky, however, congratulated him on the victory TEXT message. His words are quoted by “Ukrainian truth”.

“Well, what’s the point of Dating? First, a large number of journalists, a lot of unnecessary questions. And this is only in order then to explain what I humanly wanted to congratulate. I congratulated him on his election victory and with the official inauguration. Just send SMS”, — said Kolomoisky. He noted that modern means of communication allow to see the interlocutor.

The oligarch said that he appreciated the President’s speech at the inauguration. He noted that the performance was “bright”, especially if “look at the expressions of some individuals”.

Earlier, on 21 may, Zelensky was appointed head of the presidential administration associate Andriy Bohdan, which is called the personal lawyer of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. According to journalists of the program “Schemes”, Bogdan fall under the restrictions of the Ukrainian lustration law and theoretically cannot hold public office.

May 16 edition “Strenia” reported that Kolomoisky return to the homeland is connected with the first inauguration Zelensky, who was appointed on 20 may. Also the arrival of a businessman connected with tough statements of the lawyer of the President of the United States Rudolph Giuliani, who called Kolomoisky a criminal oligarch and advised Zelensky to break contact with him.

Kolomoisky arrived in the airport of the Ukrainian city of the Dnieper on the night of may 16. The plane of the group “Privat”, tail number UR-PRT followed from tel Aviv.

The businessman was abroad from June 2017. He lived first in Geneva, then “for family reasons” he moved to Israel. In April, Kolomoisky said that he was going to return to Ukraine and willing to help the winner of the presidential elections, Vladimir Zelensky. According to him, the first time after returning he wants to relax “at home in the village near Dnepropetrovsk”.

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