Mini skirt with the name of Allah pissed off the Muslims


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Redbubble

Online platform Redbubble where independent artists sell clothes with my own prints, faced a barrage of criticism because of the placement of mini-skirts in the name of Allah. About it reports “Interfax”.

In particular, one of them was printed the phrase “praise Allah” and on the other — “without Allah I am nothing.” Skirts sold on the website at a price of 25-28 pounds (about two thousand).

Visitors to the platform noticed the controversial item and was horrified. “Anybody seen this? Mini skirt with the name of Allah! It is very sad and incredibly stupid on your part”, — was indignant one of them on Twitter, addressing the post of the company Redbubble. “What the hell is that necessary? That’s uncalled for!” agreed another wearer of the social network. “I recently had similar with pictures of the Holocaust… It is a shocking company,” — said the third.

In response, the Redbubble user thanked for drawing attention to inappropriate products and promised to immediately remove it from the site.

In January, sneakers Air Max American manufacturer of sports apparel, Nike has offended the religious feelings of Muslims. Activist named polar cod Noreen (Saiqa Noreen) noticed that in the logo printed on the soles of sneakers, supposedly encrypted the name of Allah in Arabic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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