Monkey shines nine days terrorized the Indian city


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In the city Banavar, India, mass protests began after the monkey killed one person and wounded several more. This publication reports the Daily Star.

Animal for nine days wandering around the city and attacked people. In the result he died 60-year-old man named Natures (Nathuram), ten people were treated at local hospital with injuries.

Badavara residents took to the streets to demand from local authorities for prevention of such cases. The lack of drugs against rabies in hospitals caused even more discontent protesters. They blocked traffic in the city, which led to serious disruptions in the work of the police. According to some, men carried the corpse Free.

The district police promised to take all necessary measures urgently. Medicines against rabies was brought to the city. Some time later, the authorities managed to catch the monkey killer.

In late March it was reported that monkeys terrorizing hospital patients in Durban, South Africa. Patients have to hide from them under the blankets. According to them, in the house can simultaneously accommodate up to 20 monkeys.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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