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British newspaper the Guardian has made a rating of all series “Game of thrones”.

The following are spoilers to “Game of thrones”.

The most successful have recognized episode of the second season entitled “Blackwater”. Throughout the series shows the battle of the river Blackwater and the siege of king’s landing by the troops of Stannis Baratheon. It was called “the perfect hour of television” and praised the script by George Martin for Director — Neil Marshall.

In second place is “Red wedding” from the third season. It is noted that she made fans of the show to cry, because it immediately showed the death of several stark, Catelyn, Robb and Talisa.

Third place was given series of the sixth season of “battle of the bastards”. Its script was written by series creators David Benioff and Daniel Brett Weiss, and it was directed by Miguel Sapochnik. Shown in the episode the battle was called ambitious and probably one of the best in the series. The most shocking moment felt victory over Sansa stark Ramsay Bolton and her speech to him.

Fourth place went to the ninth episode of the first season, “Baelor”. Fifth — the fifth series of the third season of “Kissed by fire”.

Earlier it was reported that made in the summer of 2018 tattoo Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa stark, was a spoiler to the ending of the series. On the arm of the actress depicts the symbol of house stark is a direwolf, and under it written: “the Pack will survive.” Arya, Sansa and bran stark actually survived to the end of the show.

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