Revealed the secret to a perfect photo from the back


www.vsyako.netDaisy Kitto: @daisykeech

Instagram-blogger Daisy Keech (Keech Daisy) told me how to pose to the back and buttocks looked beautiful in the photo. Your experiences she has shared with journalists the New York Post.

According to Kitsch, the correct posturing with the aim to emphasize the dignity of the figure girls requires a lot of effort. She described as popular in Instagram makes your photos belfie, the name of which comes from merging two words: selfie and butt (buttocks).

“I stand up straight and slightly spread your legs to seem a little wider than when my feet are pressed together. Then I slightly bent the back, puffed out chest, exhale and draw the stomach,” explained Kitsch.

The girl, according to her, there are other ways to appear more attractive in the photo. “I can bend the leg which is closer to the camera and rely on the other sock. If you will arch your back and tilt closer to the chamber shoulder forward, your waist will look thinner, and your buttocks more,” — shared his knowledge blogger.

According to doctors, this posture creates excessive pressure on the pelvic bone and can even cause injury if the person lacks training.

Daisy Kich — model and blogger with over a million followers on Instagram. Usually she makes posts on the topic of fitness.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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